SEBI order against YouTube channels for pump and dump in Sadhana Broadcast

SEBI recently shared an interim order against the company “Sadhna Broadcast ltd” for using Youtube channels for manipulating stock prices.

If you remember, I had shared about this company here as well.

Promoters and insiders in the company basically used these channels to artificially pump up the prices and dumped the shares once the pump was done.

The person who owned these Youtube channels transferred 65 lakhs to Google for advertising and while sharing buy recommendations with false information on Youtube from July to September, he and other insiders of the company repeately offloaded their shares to other investors who were buying based on these videos.

Timeline of events

Check the profits these people made.

Youtube channels “ The Advisor” and “Moneywise” which had lakhs of subscribers did paid advertisement and promotions sharing false information and news pumping up the stock price and once the pump is done, these stocks were deleted by them. This pattern kept on repeating for not just this stock but other stocks as well.

The promoters of this company Sadhna broadcast were directly involved in this activity using their relatives and linked companies.

Full link to SEBI order – SEBI | Interim Order in the matter of Stock Recommendations using YouTube in the scrip of Sadhna Broadcast Limited

SEBI also gave similar order in matter of Sharpline Broadcast, you can read it here - SEBI | Interim Order in the matter of Stock Recommendations using YouTube in the scrip of Sharpline Broadcast Limited

If you find any other pump n dump stocks share it here so that investors can be saved from getting trapped in them. Money saved is money earned.


I feel these things will never stop, with so many messages and campaign run by regulators still people will get duped. There are people giving there trading account details and credentials to unknown and getting ripped off there life earnings! Lot of good videos published by sensibul and even nudge by Z, still people fall for it .

I guess two reason for it:

  1. People feel nothing bad can happen to him as he is special and got golden laying egg ,life changing lottery.

  2. India is huge market where dreams and fear are sold and bought at large quantity. Unless there change in culture and due diligence these scams will continue

Hmm… Moneywise youtube channel has taken down all videos. His channel is empty now. But 768,000 subscribers.

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Youtube should start NCLT like process , :stuck_out_tongue: atleast some money can be recovered and subscriberes can be taken over :stuck_out_tongue: via bidding.

Is it only for the ones who give calls on YouTube? What about the ones who run unregistered stock market institutions? That too the self claimed BEST stock market institution in India.
We have more such institutes than the number of successful traders.

Even celebrities are involved in these scams.

Why people never go to jail for these things, worst case seems to be give money back + banned from market for small time. So risk is low and if not caught, money in pocket.

Unison Metals Pump and dump by Telegram

Ban means what ?
He can’t trade through his demat account
Or Arshad will always be on surveillance of SEBI.

Interesting article about this.

He and his wife will not be allowed to trade/invest. But this is an interim order. So it will be known later if the ban will stay and if it is temporary or permanent.

Is just a ban & fine enough? Why not cancel the trades and give money back to the investors from the day this started till it was caught? Can someone from ZERODHA please reply? If this is possible why SEBI does not do this? If it’s not possible may we know the reason, please?

And one more - I read the order and it seems the management of the company was also involved in this pump-and-dump scheme. Isn’t this outright insider trading? Why then Sadhna Broadcast Ltd. is still trading? Should this not be taken out from the markets?

This is just Interim Order, which can be challenged in SAT then high court , supreme court.

Not a legal expert but there must be legality and max sentence in the law which might not have allowed to do what you said.

Also, if its stop trading than what will happen to still investors?