SEBI press conference insights for investors

I recently came across SEBI Board chairperson’s press conference, as an investor what should I look for and what insights can I gain from this?

Here’s the link:

Here were some of the key takeaways from the press conference -

  • SEBI mostly focused on the capital formation mandate (the other two mandates for SEBI being - regulation and investor protection) and ease of doing business.
  • SEBI also hints at faster settlement with ASBA like settlement for securities. MBP speaks of 3500 cr of monetary benefits to investors due to faster turnaround and settlement of market transactions.
  • Instant settlements will do away with a lot of complexity with depository participant processes.
  • One other important thing from the press conference was that - SEBI will come out with Master Circulars for every aspect of the market so that there is one stop shop for compliance etc for every market participant. This is really important. I have been tracking some of the AIF circulars and if there is one master circular, then it avoids one spending time looking for all circulars for specific topic. We’ll have to see how fast this happens. But over the next year, we’ll see a bunch of these master circulars come out.