SEBI registered advisor For Index

Whether SEBI registration is required for someone giving advice for trading only for Index future ie NIFTY, BANKNIFTY?

if you are giving any type of advice it is better to register yourself as sebi registered advisor… giving advice about stocks or futures, at the end it is advice only so doesn’t make one different from other…


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Thanks @t7support , Does it mean that for advice in index trading ie NIFTY and Banknifty sebi registration is not required or am i again missing something?

Yes as noted in SEBI RA regulations these seem to be exempted.

Technical analysis commentary is allowed without being registered, but buy sell advice is not imo. What many do to circumvent is a peculiar ‘follow my trade at your own risk’ service.

Recommendations on the spot index itself seems fine. But buy and sell advices on index derivative instruments like futures and options may be not be allowed. That’s what I understand.

In my understanding You give advice for any index or any investment instruments you have register with sebi by giving exam of the particular.