Second account in same name

Nithinji, I need one more account for trade in FNO only. In the existing account, I am doing stock only. If one more account opened, it is easy to operate.

I don’t want to go any other brokerage firm. Hence, please help me in opening one more account with the same PAN. It will be very useful to me for accounting purposes. I don’t want to hear a reply NO, ,please.

Please have kind enough for a thought and possibility of doing so.

Not possible. One PAN, one account. But still don’t understand dhow another account will make trading F&O easier.

To keep separate margin, I feel easy to operate, as F& O is margin trading. I am doing stock in cash only. Hence, I will be comfortable, if both are separate. That’s the main reason for opening another account.

I can open account with some other broker. But, after opening account in Zerodha only, I am doing profitable trading.
These are the reasons.

Ok. If not possible, then what to do? Go to some other brokerage firm.

Thanks Sanket.

I request yourselves to suggest another good discount brokerage firm like Zerodha, to open an account. I welcome suggestions.


Open an account in Zerodha using your relatives name maybe. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Mr. Sanket. Your idea is good. I already having account in my son’s name in Zerodha and the account is for investment purpose only. Also, my husband, who is a pensioner, don’t want trading account, as it may increase his tax liability (if he is in profit).

This is the situation and no other alternate.
Thanks Sanket for your view.

Mr. Sanket, one more thing. As I am housewife, upto Rs.2.5 lacs income, no tax liability. That’s also the main reason.

Everybody who buys equity for delivery and trade F&O do it efficiently from the same account. Could you please let us know exactly where you are facing an issue with margins?

I want to do F&O. If I buy/sell FNO, and if continued till expiry or sometimes after buying, every day MTM will be added to account. Hence this may affect my stock trading, which I am doing effectively, as that extent my margin may be blocked. Due to this apprehension only, till now I am not entering F&O.

For this reason only, I feel another account will do the purpose.

Thanks Srinivas.