Security for the trading fund

We have been in the share market Index trading since the last 5 years & associated with one of the top stock broker.

But still it’s a concern about our trading fund security with discount brokers after certain brokerage houses scandals.

Can you clarify/provide your response about the trading fund security lying with the brokerage houses & if any bankrupt about the brokerage houses how the SEBI and the exchanges shall protect the investors .


Exchange has set-up Investor Protection Fund (IPF) which covers 25lks in all per client. In such a case a complaint needs to be raised with the exchanges. You can read more on the same on the exchange website.

Yes I also support the above response. SEBI has forwarded its view to NSE to increase Investor Protection Fund (IPF) corpus by keeping in mind their accounting books. The range now climbs from from Rs 560 crore to Rs. 1,500 crores to protect the interest of investors.

What about Regulation of Securities?