See ledger without margin

How to see my Leger without overnight margin figures?

Hmmm, the ledger entries on Q will show margin entries for overnight future positions. It’s not possible to filter this out on Q. You might have to download the ledger for your specified period and then filter out the margin entries manually.

That’s sad, this is very basic feature. My pnl is incorrect and I want to manually calculate it.


We can still download ledgers without margins from their old back office.Go to

It opens only on Internet explorer.Login using your Q Credentials.

Once you click on my account → view ledger details

and then select without margin on the drop down

You should be able to download the pdf by clicking on report.


Oh my, I’ve forgotten about the old Q. I’m sorry.

Thanks to both of you. Actually q is showing my PnL incorrectly. Raised a ticket but still no resolution


Thanks ji

we all have issue. Basic PnL entries dont match with records. Whats the use of trading on a free platform? Id rather pay a small fee