Seeking Advice on Margin Penalty for BankNifty Future

Hello forum members,
suppose I short March Banknifty Future and after the end of the day my margin went negative then any Margin Penalty applied to my account

@shubhs9 can you answer my question.

Hi @deepakjain05

Is the margin shortfall due to MTM losses? If yes, you would have to bring in the funds before T+1 day till 11.59 PM, Failure to do so is considered a non-upfront margin deficit and can lead to a penalty.

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Adding to this point, Here are a few factors that could contribute to a margin increase. Failure to maintain upfront margins may result in penalties. However, at Zerodha, we don’t transfer upfront penalties to our clients’ accounts. It’s recommended to always ensure adequate funds to prevent shortfalls, as our RMS team may close your position otherwise. Additionally, a brokerage fee of ₹40 per executed order applies instead of ₹20 for F&O orders if the Zerodha account holds a negative balance

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