Seeking Clarification on Stock Futures Trading Rules

I’m new to stock futures trading and seeking clarification on potential penalties. If I buy HDFC Bank’s April futures stocks this month and then sell HDFC Bank’s April futures within the same month, will there be any penalties?

Based on my research, it appears there won’t be a penalty on the Zerodha platform for selling next month’s futures (e.g., HDFC Bank APR FUT) in the current month (March). Additionally, it seems we can buy HDFC Bank APR FUT again on the Zerodha platform, both in the current March month and even in April. There seem to be no restrictions on repurchasing the same futures contract after selling it.

I just want to confirm if my understanding is correct. Thanks

Hi @shilpazerodha

There won’t be any penalty if you buy/ sell next month’s futures or options in the current month. Infact, it is recommended to convert and rollover one’s position to next month’s F&O in many cases where one has to hold the position for longer period.

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