Sell by trigger price for delivered orders

Can I keep a trigger price for a stock to sell it automatically when stock falls below that trigger price for delivery orders not MIS.

Let us say I bought(delivery) a stock today and after few days stock raises and then to stop loosing profits can I keep a trigger price so that in future whenever stock falls below that price system should place my sell order automatically. Is it possible ? If so how ? Is any other stock broker in India provides such feature ?

The order types you are referring to are called Good till cancel (GTC) and Good till date (GTD). These order types aren’t being offered in Zerodha yet, but are on our list of things to do. It is tough because exchanges don’t support this, we have to build our own layer to maintain and manage these orders.

Thanks for reply!
It would be really great if we have such a feature. The reason why I asked is two months back I bought one share and was in profit about 10% but later due to some news it reduced almost 20% in a single session and it went to loss now.
I usually won’t fallow stocks on daily basis so not possible to respond to market condition of that stock !