Sell call option before it hits strike price?

Eg if i buy CE 9700 strike price @9630.It goes to 9680 or 9600.Can I sell it even if it doesnot touch strike price ie 9700 or it has to go beyond 9700 when i can sell it ?
Similarly,if it at 9680 or 9600 and expires without reaching strike price ie 9700.So in that case at expiry ,do I Lose whole of my premium or the profit/loss calculated acc to values of premium at various prices(9680/9600) ?

U can sell the option (whether call or put) very next second if u wish to… Not reqd that it hits or crosses the strike price…
U shall lose entire premium which u have paid for the option which stays out of money (doesn’t cross the strike price at expiry… So u will lose entire money even at 9700, 9699…All below prices… :anguished: for 9700 call option at expiry… Hope clr :slight_smile:

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you can sell or buy option at any point of time. we trade premium in option trading.
you can visit YouTube for understanding option trading

Eg- if i buy 1 lot 9700CE @40 premium @ 9640 nifty and nifty goes to 9680 and premium to,say,55.I can sell it ,right ? So,wht will be the profit ?
there are two things,selling and square off .difference btwn both and advantage of one over other,if any @VIPULK
thanks in advance

Regarding 1st part of ur query reply is:
If ur option premium of 9700 ce has increased from 40 to 55 then ur profit is the simple subtraction 55-40 =15 :clap: if u sell

Regarding 2nd part:
Reversing ur initial position is called as squaring off
Eg If u have taken buy position and then selling the option for booking ur profit / loss…
Selling first without holding the option is called writing the option (normally done by deep pocket traders like fii) as it may require considerable margin to b kept till option is squared off…
Advantage of buying first then squaring off is that loss is limited to total premium but premium value suffers time and volatility decays…especially near expiry… Chances of winning for. Buyer r 33%
Seller of d option (without initial buy position) has time decay in his favour as he gets to keep entire premium of the sold or shorted premium with him in case the underlying stock or index doesn’t cross the strike price… Chances of winning for seller r 66%…But in case d underlying crosses d strike price of d sold option then the losses for option writer cud b unlimited
Eg If u r d option buyer of 1 lot of nifty 9700 call for Rs. 40 and I m d seller or writer of d call… Max loss u wud face wud b 40x75(nifty lot size)=3000 which I wud keep as premium in case nifty fails to cross 9700 till expiry…

But in case Nifty goes to 9800 at expiry, my loss wud b expiry value - strike prc-premium recd
9800-9700-40 =60x75= 4500… Got it :grin:

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Hi U can sell at any time
U will NOT lose all ur $

if u buy a lot @ 2rs premium, and its trading at 2.4 rs premium, then 0.4rs will be ur profit, per share in the lot.
Bearing that and chargable taxes, take a call on when to sell it.

Pl bear in mind that India is a cash-based settlement in the F/O market.
ALthough that does not apply to Indian commodities. (AFAIK)

Thanks a lot all @VIPULK

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Hi. What if it hits the strike before expiration?

Option value consists of 2 parts viz intrinsic value and time value.
Intrinsic value is present only in the In The Money options means those options which have crossed above the strike price in case of call option and below the strike price in case of put option.

So in case of 9700 call or 9700 ce, at 9730, intrinsic value will be 9730-9700=30 Rs.

Option value’s other part which is time value is dependent option Greeks or factors like nearness to strike, time to expiry, volatility and varies upto expiry. At expiry, time value becomes 0 and only in case of in the money options, intrinsic value prevails.

9700 call option which was bought at price of say Rs. 40 when Nifty was as say 9630 is nothing but ‘Time value’. In case Nifty goes above 9700 and then the option will have intrinsic value as well as time value which will vary depending on option greeks mentioned above.

On the expiry date say 03-Jun-2021 Nifty trades above 15650, If I buy a call option strike price at 15600 at 59.85.
If the option for contract expires on 03-Jun-2021 above 15650. What will happen?
Does it mean I’ll get the shares I bought at strike price 15600 at 59.85? Will I get profit or loss?

Kindly help me here?
Thanks in advance

i have bought a lot of call ,it had not hit the strike price. if i sell it what will happen (i will lose all my money i have invested )or (i will get the profit which is shown )
please answer

Hy @Kushal_Sonawane

Based on the premium purchased (assuming you have gone long) if the premium price has increased you can exit and earn the profit.

If you are new to the concept of Options you can check on this varsity link.

In case the call options bought by u have not hit the strike but may be they r in profit due to upward price move of underlying then u can put a stoploss or hedge it by selling further call option. Entire premium can be lost generally on expiry day or if options have gone too far otm ( there may still be some residual premium).