Sell Calls Gone Awry

Often fund houses and fund managers gives buy/sell calls, if some one follows these people without their own technical analysis will definitely loose money. Fund managers lack common sense and knowledge , but they are very good in taking excuses , example Demonetization , even after 6 month still fund managers are talking about demonetization .
here is a link to know how these stupid fund managers are…Sell Calls Gone Awry


not only fund managers many analysts and investor RJ also failed many times. Sitting in AC rooms they predict stocks futures without seeing what is on the ground, blindly go by the foreign owned media channels version of the economy. and also there are world renowned economists professors sitting in US who can tell broader picture than our Indian PM who is pushing reforms at faster face. Look at Fiscal deficit is reaching more than 50% in first three months itself, what it tells ?

Every one talked negative about DEMO and same thing being done to GST also. These thugs dont know GST is the brahmastra for black money, that traces where the money is moving.

More funny of Foreign owned Indian media channels is they even bring up small countries in Europe and latin america to show that market is going down, those countries are not even the size of a state in India still they talk about those markets as well in a view that Indian market will affect due that. They plant negative stories as per their wish and brokerages and rating agencies also dance with media to make volatility.

Modi is attacking on roots of the Economy and Black Money. these will give long term results. It will lead to more money into markets in the coming years. Now a days people are not investing in Real Estate. it is positive for markets. Maruti is unable to meet the demand for more than several years, still the fund managers give sell call on that. This is funny.

govt. launched to eradicate corruption in Govt. depts

Many states are also joining the above GeM to end corruption. this will lead to low inflation for longer periods. it is the black money which drives inflation up. that is drying up now. we are going to see longer periods of low inflation this will drive the growth.

Even Telecom is also going to be good due to penetration of Internet due to GST. Logistics already seeing the benefit of GST 20% drop in vehicle transit times due to removal of Check Posts. Prices of lot of items come down due to GST.
Media never talks positive about Govt. Policies.


whenever a fund manager or fundamental analyst comes on Tv or print media , first thing he will say is ,( market is at high level, ) market valuations are high and we are on cash, If market goes down he will say , we are down grading the stocks, that too after 20- 30% correction .
These peoples are our “Broad band eaters” :grinning::grinning:
For example today market is at its high level , and see this “Fundamentalist”

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