SELL in BSE and BUY in NSE

I sold some CNC shares in BSE, can I cover it on NSE, or should I do it in BSE only?

Could someone from ZERODHA team answer this as well please, I know you have your hands and minds full today…

if u sold CNC shares, how can u cover u just sold ur demat shares, u must have sold in MIS then u have to cover in the same exchange, if u have sold in CNC , then u can buy fresh from any exchange.

@KarthikNarayan, even if you sold from CNC, it is still considered as MIS until the day end, so if you cover them on the same day it is treated as MIS.

Can someone from Zerodha @nithin, @Matti, @Bhuvan please clarify.

u r talking about equity i think, see u can buy and sell equity shares intraday or delivery, for intraday option, product type MIS is used for delivery product type CNC is used u can only sell in CNC if u had it in demat, or elz if u have sold it is intraday in MIS.

Yes, I am talking about equity where the shares are available in Demat a/c

then if u have sold in CNC, its not treated as MIS and if u want to buy it again then it will be a fresh buying, but if u had sold in MIS u can convert it to CNC.

Please clarify on the above.

@Lakshmikanth_Jadhav If you have shares In your DEMAT
You can sell it on any exchange,but if you have to cover it on same day,then you can use only the same exchange.
See — You have the Product you can sell it anywhere.
You Sold Some Product An you want to cover it same day ,Then you have the only option of the same destination,I mean Same Exchange.
Note-We have a settlement process of T+2 Days.
It Means that You get The shares On T+2 Days.
Same happens when anyone gets your Sold shares.
Demat Shares =>Sell Anywhere
Same Day=>Same Exchange only

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Check this post please

Say you buy shares in NSE, then after T+2 days when the stock is already in your Demat account, you can either sell this stock in NSE or BSE(if it’s listed). Say you sell the stock in BSE on T+3 day, then if you wish to buy it back you have to buy the shares back on BSE only. This is because the system only sees this as a Sell order in BSE so it will allow you to buy back only in BSE. If you happen to buy back in NSE, then it will be considered as a new buy order and the shares sold on BSE will be sold out.


Thank you @Srinivas, you validated my understanding.

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