Selling cnc shares on same day

I bought R systems based on news about bulk deal. I bought it today, now on further exploring I found that it will be delisted.
Can I exit the cnc bought shares as it is not credited in dmat account yet?

If the stock isn’t in T2T (Trade-To-Trade) segment, you can sell it on the same day, even if you’ve bought it in CNC. This will be considered an intraday trade.

Stocks that are in the T2T segment can only be sold once they’re credited to your Demat account. You’ll get a nudge on Kite if stock is in the T2T segment. You can learn more here: What are Trade to Trade or T2T stocks?

R system is not in T2T group so you can sell same day too however you may not sell simply because there is a delisting ATTEMPT by promoters. delisting itself is a long process .

I was thinking because there will not be much retail participation from this news and if delisting happens there will be a sudden fall. I preferred to keep the stock for atleast 3-6 months.