Selling in Paytm Money and buying in Coin


I have a mutual fund which has some good gains (200%) which is on Paytm Money. Since they dont support CSDL Easiest, and the physical process is too time consuming, I am thinking i’ll sell the MF in paytmmoney and buy it in Coin.

I have the below questions.

  1. Can Coin update my avg price after purchase to reflect my initial purchase avg?
  2. Does selling in Paytm Money attract capital gains? (This mutual fund is ELSS. 3 year lock-in is over)
  3. Does this make sense or should I just proceed with rematerilization process?

Since you will be making fresh investments on Coin, average price will be as per latest investments.

Yep, you will attract long term capital gains tax if gains are more than 1 lakhs. Check out this post for more.

If you want to keep original buy price and not attract taxes, rematerilization will be better option.