Selling of Allotted IPO via zerodha


I got the allotment of HUDCO IPOs via ICICI direct. The IPO was listed as BSE allotment. But inadvertently, I added these in Kite as NSE stocks. Now if try to sell these shares, it shows I am selling the shares listed in NSE. Please anyone can guide me, what to do?

Thanks in advance.

Once you have shares in your demat, it becomes exchange agnostic. You can sell this on any exchange that you want. If you want to sell BSE, add HUDCO BSE on watchlist and place a sell order.

Thanks for the quick response…

Sorry to trouble you again… I am still in doubt… Please help. I am elaborating here the whole scenario and what I understood from your reply step by step.

I applied for IPO and got allocated 200 shares. I received the confirmation from [email protected].

I added the IPO details in Kite via Discrepant holdings. Here I added it with symbol as HUDCO and ISIN as INE031A07840.

Now it is showing up in holding section of Kite with ISIN as INE031A01017. But it always shows its average cost, P&L and net change as NA. (Please explain why?)

Now if I try to exit from this holding, it shows I am selling HUDCO NSE @ bla bla price.

My concern is that instead of exit I will end up with shorting of these stocks. Also I have made mistake while entering ISIN no.

As you mentioned in your reply that I need to add the HUDCO BSE in watch-list to sell. But that is done for shorting not for selling/exiting the shares from holding.

The ISIN INE031A07840 corresponds to HUDCO-8.20%-5-3-27-BONDS. The equity shares whose allotment you’ve received carry the following ISIN: INE031A01017. The same ISIN shows up on Kite as well, this is the right ISIN for the stock.

The option to add ‘Discrepant holdings’ is on the backoffice, Q. Kite, the trading platform fetches data from Q. Since you’ve entered the wrong ISIN, Kite isn’t able to fetch the right value and thus displays the cost as NA. Since there’s no cost, the P&L and net change also shows up as ‘NA’.

You’ll have to write to [email protected] requesting them to update the ISIN for the entry you’ve made.


Like Venu said, for ISIN correction, write to support.

When you are selling on the platform as CNC (which is for delivery), it will never let you short sell. If you don’t have stock in your demat, it will reject the order. You can either click on exit in your holdings on Kite, or add that same stock on NSE or BSE, and place a CNC sell order.


Thank you so much for your help…

Thank you so much for your valueable help …

Dear JP,

Thank you for writing to Zerodha support.

As we have currently disabled discrepant section in Q backoffice so the details for the transferred shares/IPO shares,Average and all other details will appear correctly in your account in another 2 - 3 weeks once we are up with CRUX (new backoffice).

We regret for the inconvenience caused.

Stuck Again…

@nithin For SIS IPO also which is due for listing tomorrow, I cannot see it in holdings/ discrepant holdings.
Please look in to the issue.

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