Selling Pledged stock at Zerodha


Can I sell the pledged stock without unpledging it?

Also in this case pledged collateral margin is not utilized? At that time can I sell without unpledging process?

@ShubhS9 @siva

You will have to unpledge the stock before selling,

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Thank you.

One more quick query Why the Pledge stock not shown on the KITE Holding page. Because of that, we are unable to see the live value of the pledged stock investment.

When you have pledged the stock, you cannot sell it before pledging, that is why it is not shown in Kite Holdings.

Though not live, but you can see value of your stock based on previous days close in Holdings on Console.

It was feature of new pledge system, Facility to sell pledged stocks: This is a feature we’re working on making available, allowing you to sell pledged stocks without having to request for unpledge and wait until they are received to your demat account. With the new pledge system it becomes much easier to deploy this. This covers the risk from market movements in the stocks you’ve pledged.

But its not introduced

Process is still same that we have to wait for one day before we can sell (I mean unpledge today and it will available to sell only next business day?)

Yes, if you place unpledge request before cutoff time, the shares will be available for trading the next day. More details here.