Selling Sovereign Gold Bonds

I’m a relatively new investor (started out this year), and am looking to diversify my portfolio with Gold.

Since the SGBs are going to be issued soon and most people seem to recommend them as a good long term way to invest in gold, I had a few questions:

  1. If I need to sell the SGBs on the secondary market before 5 years of holding them, is there a detrimental difference in the price they are sold for as compared to Gold ETFs? Is there a liquidity problem?

  2. If the SGBs are redeemed after 5 years but before maturity (8 years), what are the tax implications?

I would recommend buying existing bonds from secondary markets… They are much cheaper…

Also while selling back to secondary markets, u will get 5-10% due to existing buy/sell demand there…

The best strategy hence is to buy from secondary market and then let it mature in 5-8 yrs

@AJ007 I’m relatively new trader. Can you please clear some of my doubts regarding SGB.

  1. There is going to be a new issue for SGB on April 20th, should I invest in that or buy previously issued SGB?
  2. How do I buy previously issued SGB from secondary market?
  3. For apply to newer issues of SGB, do I have to visit zerodha/gold? If not how to apply?

Thank you for the response.

I have looked into buying from the secondary markets and have a follow up question.

If we buy SGB from the secondary markets, are the gains still tax free if the bonds are held until maturity?

For example, if I buy bonds with maturity dates in 2024 and hold them, will there be taxes applicable when the bonds are redeemed on their maturity date in 2024?

Yes. Gains are still tax free

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I am unable to place a sell order on T+2. Why is this the case? I am getting the message “Intraday is not allowed due to illiquidity…”, as if I don’t hold the securities!
I had bought the SGB day before yesterday. I can see it in Console Holdings, but not in Kite Holdings.

Hi Kunal, As you bought SGB’s on 11th these have been credited to your Demat account today (T+2 day), you will be able to see them in your Kite holdings tomorrow, you should be able to sell the same then.

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Thanks. That’s what I suspected, but since I can sell stocks on T+2, I should be able to do the same for SGBs as well, no? Anyway, I will wait.


If I need to redeem it after 5 year as per option given by RBI, how can I redeem it?

Is there any option is Zerodha or Coin to redeem it?

An SGB holder seeking premature exit can approach the bank, post office, or SHCIL 30 days before the coupon date. The proceeds will be credited to the holders bank account.

Though think this option is for subscribers holding SGB in paper form, you can get in touch with RBI at [email protected] to get more clarity.

Through Kite, you can directly sell the SGB in the secondary market.

I have bought SGB from secondary market on zerodha 2 days back. It is not visible in my holdings but visible in my console. When will it be visible in my holdings and when will I be able to sell it through kite.

NEW SGB get Discount of rs 50 / per gram
after consedring this new SGB cheaper
Ex 1- mar- 2021 issue price fixed @ 6662 . Lowest price in NSE on 1-3-21 SGBMAY28 @ 4,651.00
after Discount @ 6612

I am still not clear about this issue/question.
So if we buy from zerodha/kite - it is a secondary market and @AJ007 is suggesting that if you need to sell before maturity - I should sell the same through zerodha?

it is like any other stock… you buy it from Zerodha… you can now transfer it to any other broker or sell it through Zerodha…

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After 5 years there should be an option in zerodha to redeem it. Rbi notifies these exit window but process is not yet detailed in support portal. Selling directly in exchange is not an option as liquidity is an issue.