Selling stocks zerodha

I am trying to sell a stock for the first time in Zerodha and unavailable to do so.

Here is the message i am getting:
ms:rule: check holdings ,no holdings present for entity account-xxxx across exchange across segment across product.

Could you maybe give me a step by step guideline on how to do it?


Can you tag the question under the right category, please!
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I am getting a different error:
ms:rule: check holdings ,no holdings present for entity account-xxxx across exchange across segment across product.

I haven’t sold stocks at Zerodha till now. I don’t know the correct way on how to sell it.

What order Type you are using?

This error can occur, if you’re using CNC as product type to sell a stock without holding them in your demat account.

If you’re trying to sell the stock for Intraday (till 3.20 PM) means use MIS as product type.

OUT of CNC and MIS I’ve selected CNC
and Mkt in the next option.

And I’m trying to sell stock from my holding account.

If you’re trying to sell a stock which is in T,XT or ST category (trade to trade) without it being credited to your demat account (i.e T1 Holdings), you will get the same error.

In such cases you will have to wait for the stock to come into your holdings which takes T+2 days.


Ok. Thanks, Ill just wait for a couple of days.

@nilesh you tried to sell nse bought stocks in bse or vice versa. So the different exchange error is coming. NSE and BSE are 2 different exchanges relating to stocks in India.

If you also place a stoploss for your holdings and then try to place a target order for it, the system will still consider it as holdings not present for the target order. Since there is already one sell stoploss order matching the holdings. You cannot place both target and stoploss for the holdings at the same time. Read why here

Then how to sell those shares

This seems to be answer in my case for same error.

Is that BSE exchange? Can you message me your ID?

Interesting ? kindly let me know rather everybody should know the reason and since it was X category , obviously it meant BSE . @siv

If the reason is cancelled then either client should do or exchange.
Exchange rejects them when they are resulting in self trade or reversal of trade, not only at one broker but across brokers, they match with pan number.

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Can check this for more info, also go through FAQ attached.

Yeah, I also think it should be fine for tomorrow.

Interesting… even I got to learn something new from your experience :sweat_smile: