Semi conductor business - who owns it Vedanta or Vedanta

When the news broke that Vedanta was going to setup a semi conductor business, the listed company - Vedanta Limited stock price increased by 10% (i read in reports). Today there is another news report that the new business will be under Vedanta Resources/Volcan Investments and Not Vedanta limited.

Just curious, when such a mega project is announced, are the promoters or the JV partner not aware under whose ownership this will be setup. It is just so convenient to say Vedanta and leave it to the reader to ass-u-me, It is amazing, in one of the news reports, the exchange had sought clarification, they say.

All this resulted in a 10% increase in Vedanta Limited shares

Never thought these things happen in real life… Vedanta and Vedanta so convenient, someone made money…wonder who…

Also read that the general reserves of vedanta limited of 12,500 cr will be given out as dividends…now…someone needs money urgently that they are selling their pots and pans… God Bless the RETAIL shareholders of vedanta limited.

With all this, fully believe, that Quality and Integrity of management should be reviewed and studied carefully before investing… if not, it will be like this… Vedanta and Vedanta… leave it to the reader to guess who owns the semiconductor business…


Yesterday, they also said the MH plant will be a forward integration to manufacture laptops and smartphones. Then, later on AA said that Vedanta will not be manufacturing laptops.

I think the stock reacted because of Foxconn’s name in it.

The Vedanta Promoters are shady AF.

I had a few Vedanta shares which i purchased long back then added a few more when the price dipped below 100. I still continue to hold them only because they give good dividends.
I came to know they were a bit shady when they unsuccessfully attempted to delist when the price was at rock bottom. So stopped adding it.
Good points you have made on the current topic.
Thank you.

If we see the stock movements (in history) of companies of Both AA (Anil agrwal & Anil ambani) it seems that their activities (like statements, announcements etc.) are involved in price manipulation & their shell companies get benefited. So those stocks (of AA) are not safe for investments, although balance sheet of vedanta is good.
For Trading purpose, Vedanta is one of the my favorite stock, but i avoid it for invest.
( & another AA is now history so its not necessary to talk about him, but some traders still buying relcapital & relnaval stocks, which will follow dhfl soon).

Analysts tracking Vedanta expect the firm to announce a special dividend in the coming months

The development acquires significance since Vedanta’s holding company, Vedanta Resources, will receive nearly 70 per cent of the dividend to be distributed.