Sensex options understanding

@ShubhS9 how are index sensex option settled ? cash

Yes, Sensex F&O are cash settled. Same as Nifty Index F&O.
You can learn more here: Introducing BSE index derivative contracts on Kite


sensex options order not going through @ShubhS9

Yes , Same here @Tradingqna Please check the issue , orders are not going

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Hi @suri @AlgoEye

Due to an issue with the internet service providers (ISPs), the orders of some of our users in the BFO segment were intermittently affected. Trading in the other segments was unaffected. We are working on updating the status of the affected orders. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Its causing huge losses , Please rectify quickly

This is bad setup, if its so frequent. Every other week we are seeing this . I am not sure if its Z or BSE issue.

Ended positive?

Actually i was shorting deep otm that time as have free margin available,:stuck_out_tongue: , order did went through after 3:40 pm . so was green . I was lucky that wasn’t trading normal otherwise normally i am at ATM strike around 3 pm , this would really given me panic attck. Lot of people lost heavily due to this glitch.

This is happing frequently with Zerodha and BSE , so I would request Zerodha to investigate these issues proactively. Just a sorry won’t suffice .

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There was hardly any premium in deep OTMs.

Even I looked into some strikes and then decided against it. It was better to short finnifty deep OTMs instead. Just 2 days to expiry and premium was decent.

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Option sellers who were stuck could have bought Nifty Puts to offset impact.

Today is expiry , gamma effect. It wouldn’t work

Go for Deep ITM

The question would be Why there is an issue?


Finnifty has been highly volatile this week, Monday my Portfolio level SL got hit in FINNIFTY even on expiry deep OTMS were volatile but generated good returns , so didn’t want to trade it . Today USDINR, Banknifty was good.

Sensex , i think will take 2- 4 weeks more , will have good liquidity, Actually Premiums/Margin was okish today was not best though but who want to let go free money how ever low they are :stuck_out_tongue:

Buying deep ITM or selling future would alleviate the situation greatly.

But don’t the f&o orders get rejected after 3:30pm ?
How is that possible for orders to go through at 3:40pm, kindly explain.

I suppose confirmation came through late with delayed timestamp.

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Yes, confirmation came after market hours. Exchange time was around 2:40 pm. So , even my order was showing open pending or echange adapter failed but order was executed in Exchange. Thats the thing you don’t know whats your real positions are,only after reconciliation after market hours you know

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