Sensibull alerts expiry removal

Alerts set on Sensibull expire after 30 days. It is extremely irritating and tedious to again create the same alerts as we cannot edit the alert once expired.

Can you please remove auto expiry for alerts??? I do not understand what is the logic behind expiring the alerts…Many people set a lot of alerts which they want to keep for say at least 1 year.

Please consider this request and DO NOT expire the alerts automatically


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Checking this with Sensibull team, @Jack_R

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Any update?

Recently @Sensibull said that they’re revamping their Market Calender and Market Watch and the market watch would now also support strategies or so … So I think there’s some backend stuff going on :slight_smile:
Curious @Arockiya_Raja What’s the position of Zerodha Native Option Chain or will Sensibull support MCX Options :slight_smile:

Hi @Jack_R

Sorry I missed this. Could you please give me the usecase of an alert beyond 30 days. What are you tracking with this? This will help us an idea of what to do here

I track many shares and buy them when they cross below a particular level. It may happen than the stock did not reach that level in 30 days. Every time I need to create the alert after 30 days in such case.

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Any update on this? Also, can you please remove the 50 alerts create/edit alert limit? I am not sure why there is a limit for it

This is why most people don’t opt for sensibull. There are unnecessary validations and limits and no response for queries…