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Did you guys change the OPTION CHAIN look ?

Where the hell is VOLUME column?

You guys removed it ?

This is shitty.

Please bring back VOLUME option or at least give us the option to add the column.

You guys even remove the option to add it

page at 80% zoom.

What happened to you guys dont make unnecessary changes.

Try to make useful changes like starting market orders for BANKEX and SENSEX.

pls revert the changes.

@nithin @Sensibull

Hi, Is it fine if you’re using 100% zoom? Have you always used 80% zoom or did you recently change it?

The option chain looks fine to me with 100% and 80% zoom. I can see this view only when I switch to mobile view.

I always use 80% view

Please try in your laptop & ask them to revert back the changes they made.

The LTP VIEW was fantastic with multiple data points .

@Arockiya_Raja pleasee

Got the LTP VIEW back.

Thanks if you did inform them.

@nithin @Sensibull @Arockiya_Raja

Please never make major changes.

See how beautiful & useful the previous look was

According to the Sensibull team, there have been no alterations to the layout of the option chain recently. Sensibull team is looking into this and will reach out to you if needed.