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Hey Abid,
Can we expect option technicals and features like

  1. Prob. ITM (probability of a contract expiring In the Money/ OTM)
  2. POP of multileg strategies
  3. POT
  4. Built in chart with features like trade from chart feature, expiration date markers, normal distribution with SD plotting for high probability trading.
  5. Beta weighting of overall options portfolio for portfolio balancing.

I know that you have a really small team. Nevertheless, you guys are currently the flag bearer of indian options trading platform. I would kill to see sensibull grow into something like thinkorswim someday.

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Hey Harish,

Thanks for your encouraging words. Sorry i missed this message.

1)P(ITM) is delta.
2) POP - Feature in Kite for single leg. Will get to the others soon
3) In feature queue
4) Thats a handful :slight_smile: We will do SD plotting soon. The others will take time
5) Tricky actually. Most of our guys do not have option portfolios. People take trades in one or two underlyings. And to Beta weight that can be quite misleading

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Thanks for reply, guys.
Also add the task of revamping papertrade to your list. Existing papertrade portal sucks big time. After exiting trade in papertrade, no data of trade is kept record. I can’t keep track, analyse my paper trades or identify my mistakes. I am currently maintaining a separate excel sheet which is really arduous. So if you can keep track of data like entry price, exit price, entry date, exit date, lots, strategy name, it would be great.

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I agree Harish :slight_smile:

It totally sucks when it comes to archiving the past data. We are working on that as we speak

Also, you can shoot a mail to abid at sensibull dot com and help at sensibull dot com. We are super responsive there, and we can even collaborate on the features!

Where can I find Rho option greek on Sensibull?

Hey @Mukund_Malpani ,

We do not have Rho, as we found little use for it. Could you please tell us how to use it in practical trading? We will be happy to look at it if it is useful

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Rho is a dead fish formula no use

@sensibull Can we have a bifurcation of short premium in our positions tab in terms of extrinsic and intrinsic premiums ?

Noting this. Will add this to design inputs of next version of positions


am experimenting with basket orders and ‘analyze’ option in option chain (from zerodha kite link).

I mostly get NAs: Max Profit: NA, Max loss: NA, break-even: NA for Index(nity/banknifty) and Stock options.
For USDINR/currency option payoff chart/parameters: its UNUSABLE gives nothing, no chart, no parameters.

Before I subscribe, wanted to clear these out with the sensibull back-end expert.
At least is it working properly for the paid subscribers? It doesnt work if am experimenting for free?

Any hep on these would be appreciated.

@Sensibull Do you have any plans on adding Options backtesting as a feature? It is very much needed and it will make sensibull a complete package anyway.

Here is a feedback: can u freeze the row with live price and Expiry details above the Option Chain such that it keeps displaying even if Chain is scrolled up. While entering positions, either one has to scroll up and down to see prices or keep a tab open to see the price movements in conjunction with Option prices. It leads to delay in decisions sometimes.

Hello @Sensibull,

Is there any way I can filter strategies based on RR ratio. Say, I only want to see strategies with RR 2.

@Sensibull, can you add FinNifty index to the option chain as well? I know the liquidity is poor, but it’s been improving. The OI etc. would be really useful on expiry days like today.

@Sensibull : can you add a button on this screen to reorder so that screen is filled up again with same instument/price/quantity so that we can reorder again? This will help to place quantity >freeze or do pyramiding etc

I see on sensibull suppose, I add 18000 & 18100 call then payoff given at 18400 lets say is total of pnl of 1st leg & 2nd leg. But when I change expiry of one of these leg. it’s entierly different then just sum of two legs profit.
How does one calculate payoff for legs with different expiry ?


This might have been a more apt place for this request - Sensibull - The Options Trading Platform - #347 by kauphylover

I think i wouldnt be the only one who would appreciate more active user engagement for sensibull queries :blush:

@Sensibull @nithin @Meher_Smaran

Please add “Tradingview by Sensibull (Beta)” for SENSEX & BANKEX also

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