Sensibull Feedback


Thanks for putting together a great platform. I used to use OptionsXpress when I was in the US, then Options Oracle software in India. Now I am glad to see a platform that has overtaken them both.

I am using Pro but still would love some additional features. Here are my suggestions.

Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is extremely useful, especially around earnings season. This is the only Events calendar I know which screens for FnO stocks. However, I still find myself doing a lot of copy/paste/clicks to investigate an opportunity more deeply.

The main issue is that the screener results are read only. There is no interaction. Here are a few things I see which would save a lot of time:

  • Ability to add a stock to a Watchlist
  • Ability to view option chain

Essentially the same dropdown options we get in a watchlist for a symbol should be available for symbols in the Events Calendar also.


Great interactivity here. Nice to add:

  • A little Event link for a symbol like the Zerodha watchlist has. It could be more than just earnings. Maybe expiry, maybe an opportunity like cheap volatility etc.

Option Chain

  • Bid/Ask Spreads - I know you have covered this in another topic and its difficult on mobile, but when you are selecting stock options, you want to know which have the best spreads. This can be toggled on with a slider just like you have with the Greeks.

IV Chart

  • Can we have an option to turn the stock price graph off and just see the IV trend?
  • Would be nice to have a dropdown instead of a slider - 1 year trend, 3 month trend, 1 month trend etc.
  • You already have IV percentile and PCR in the watchlist, so they should show up on this graph also. Right now, I need to open two windows to get the full trend picture.

Thanks a lot. Great work!

Thanks for this. You made our day :slight_smile:

View in Option Chain - You can do this on Screener - Sensibull - India’s Largest Options Trading Platform
Stock addition - Will do - The question is - what do you want to add? Stock? Future or option? Wil add the interaction to add all three

Will do. This is an awesome suggestion

Addding this to features queue

  1. Yes you can by clicking on the nifty text in the legend
  2. Yes, absolutely, we will do this.
  3. That is true. Will do this also

Hmm, this didn’t work for me, or maybe I don’t understand how to do it.

Thanks for the quick reply on the rest. I look forward to seeing the new features. I want to add that aside from a great platform, the customer service is awesome too. All the best to you guys!

Never mind. Got it now. Was clicking on the side of the graph. Thanks for the help!


Hi. I have just started to use the Virtual Trade tool. It is great to try out new strategies before committing capital! Is it possible to see the margin requirement and return on capital in that tool? Thanks.


Been using the virtual trade daily since my last post. It is invaluable to calculate payoffs before taking a live position! My trading has probably increased 30% because of this.

I am running into an issue. For example, I see both the virtual trade and the live trade doesn’t show all strikes in the option chain. Even if the strike was available the previous day. And its not that those strikes are illiquid. Check SBIN as an example. Please fix this.


Hello, we allow only +/- 10 Strikes around ATM. Was it one of those strikes outside you were trying?