Sensibull Not working!

@Sensibull : Please when you release any new feature on weekdays atleat get it tested properly . I am not able to place any trades from your platform , some new analyse window opening and stuck and performanvce has degraded many fold.

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Whole thing is down since open

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@Sensibull, you guys are the classic example of having expanded too quickly without necessarily having the required infrastructure to support it. Site has in any case slowed down over the years, and the past months, some issue keeps cropping up every week or so…

At least, you guys can have the courtesy to reply. You have had three replies the past year, two are self promotion posts and the other is to the guy who funds your start up…

Maybe your CEO can help with things but he’s too busy in increasing his follower count by having reduced himself to a twitter troll…

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Yes Atleast twice a month Sensibull is down. This is not fair for some one who is providing services at some price. You should do all the new additions and testing on non trading days and not on a trading day and make users suffer.


@Sensibull : Please roll back this feature or at least give switch to turn off . This is unnecessary for placing any order + this has made app so slow while placing order( it was slow before instead of increasing performance you guys just adding unintended features . Order window should be sleek and fast with less number of clicks , here its the other way round)

@Sensibull : Your are big joke , I don’t understand why are you playing /testing in PROD environment that to on trading day. If new features are not working just revert it back . Its been whole day , such bad experience. Can’t place a trade from sensibull.

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Happened for me too, attaching screenshots of the same. It stopped working since afternoon at around 1:30PM.