Sensibull payoff graphs wrong on target date


Payoff graphs are wrong. On the next market open, as per the target date, payoff should happen. Iam getting huge losses with this payoff charts. Is this a software bug? Why do they show profit with blue line (target date)?

The max profit shown here is realised only on expiry, the Blue Line pay-off can vary based on market conditions and changes in Greeks.

Yaa. These payoff graphs are not real. Thinking that they are real, people will loose the money. opstra will show payoff graph for free. Is there any benefit of using this paid sensibull version? Is the profit shown on expiry is atleast correct?

There are various tools that you get in Sensibull paid version which you can use to analyse markets better.

Pay-off shown on expiry is correct, but as I said above the Target Date pay-off changes according to Greeks and market conditions.

You can read the Options trading module on Varsity to learn how Greeks influence Options pricing.

I have been observing that, @Sensibull uses stale data when showing the payoff graph. The LTP of the underlying keeps ticking, but the payoff graph is never upto-date(doesnt even refresh per 30s or per minute) and is incorrect.
The page itself is too heavy to lead, and if at all it loads, the payoff grap calculation break-even is wrong.
And if you accidentally trade from it, it usually hangs (need to close all other tabs as even 2GB RAM for the browser seem insufficient at times)


We are planning to increase the refresh rate here. Question - Once the startegy is built, would you like your prices that you entered to stay, or would you like to update them with market?

@Sensibull, thanks for considering. A 10seconds refresh rate is good. You can even provide that as a choice (in a box) as bandwidth needs vary from user to user. A strategy is built around the existing prices and the stikes, so majority dont want to see the older prices if the prices change drastically. So its best to update everything, payoff/break-even/capital needed/PoP/RR… as the LTP of scrip and option prices being the single point trigger to update the whole model.

Noted. Also would you be willing to give user feedback on a call if you are free. I am sure these are not the only ones you have. I am on abid at sensibull dot com

You need to study greeks very well. Otherwise you will keep calling these payoff graphs wrong.

Hi I used the options payoff chart from sensibull to create a strategy for live deployment.

On the day of deployment the max loss indicated was only Rs300. However the next day the max loss shifted to Rs 6000. Now after 4 days the max loss is showing Rs 30000

I used a calender spread…

The payoff chart looks similar in structure but on successive days the complete chart seems to move down in the negative side.

I don’t understand if I am doing something wrong


Can you please write to me on [email protected]? Will get on a call and help you out here