Sensibull payoff graphs wrong on target date


Payoff graphs are wrong. On the next market open, as per the target date, payoff should happen. Iam getting huge losses with this payoff charts. Is this a software bug? Why do they show profit with blue line (target date)?

The max profit shown here is realised only on expiry, the Blue Line pay-off can vary based on market conditions and changes in Greeks.

Yaa. These payoff graphs are not real. Thinking that they are real, people will loose the money. opstra will show payoff graph for free. Is there any benefit of using this paid sensibull version? Is the profit shown on expiry is atleast correct?

There are various tools that you get in Sensibull paid version which you can use to analyse markets better.

Pay-off shown on expiry is correct, but as I said above the Target Date pay-off changes according to Greeks and market conditions.

You can read the Options trading module on Varsity to learn how Greeks influence Options pricing.