Sensibull please allow orbis clients to trade freely

@Sensibull kindly note that my buy order in basket order shows rejected due to exchange restrictions, and than I have to place each order buy and sell manually. Kindly note that such OI restrictions are not for those zerodha clients who have migrated to Orbis route to be able to trade via zerodha.
Kindly do a mapping of such clients (which are huge number of active zerodha traders) and allow them to take basket orders freely.
Hey zerodha why you guys not taking this up, you assured us that through orbis, trading would be hassel free.
Please guys do this mapping of orbis clients asap.
It’s very tough to place basket orders manually.
Anshuman RA9304

I’m sensibull user from long back and I migrated to Orbis as well.

In sensibull when u click on “Place all Orders at Market price” then u face this kind of issue because sensibull don’t send orders one after the other like zerodha basket order It sends all at the same time.

If u want to trade through sensibull u have to click on individual legs one after the other.

Better use Zerodha basket orders to place all orders at once.

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Hi laxman thank u so much for letting me know about such a feature like basket orders in zerodha, please if you could tell me what is the process to exit the basket order once we want to close all positions. Is it single click or do we need to exit sells and buys separately.

You can close the positions two different ways in Zerodha.

In positions Tab you have to exit the Sell orders first and then Buy orders. Never click on EXIT ALL positions because if the Buy order triggered first then you have to pay margin penalty for the other leg which is naked Sell.

Another way is to create a Counter Basket order for ur existing positions.

While creating counter basket order please make sure to add Sell order counter first and then Buy order counter.


Laxman bro thanku so much for such great help. .my concern was about penalty only on exit. This is gonna help a lot.