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I’ve question.

  1. Will the charges be cut from your capital in trading account? Automatically?
  2. If yes, how to turn of this service? I’ve logged in twice only to check how it works and it only asked KIte login, no other payment instructions or guidlines were given. Pls mention that as well.
  3. Basically I don’t require it and don’t want to be charged for it, so pls tell how to make sure it doesn’t

Pls reply, kind regards


We do not charge you till September 1st. After Sep 1, we automatically stop your subcription. If you wish to use post that, you need to explicitly subscribe

Already taken care of. You will not be charged for it

Pls reply, kind regards

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Thanks brother. And kudos to zerodha team for being this user freindly in all its avenues.

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By the way, you can login after September 1st, and choose a Free basic version.
Next time you will login after 1st, you will get three choices.
There is Pro Lite and Free. You can choose free and continue using a basic version if it is of any use to you at all. You will be charged nothing for it. (Nothing, like ZERO. No hidden charges, no GST, no swach bharat, no service fee, no service charge no nothing :slight_smile: )

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Will do, no one says no to free stuff :grin:

Yesterday, I have posted the similar query for SSO

@Sensibull I don’t see option for yearly subscription with 30% discount. Is it there?

Also, some grammer:

Real-Time Prices and Market Depth
Prices in the app can be delayed by 5 to 20 seconds. The prices on the execution window is real-time.

@Sensibull Also, since we are going to be First Few paid Customers with long term commitment, can you assure that these are the best offers that you will offer and in future, if you give better offers for customer acquisition or for any other promo, those benefits will be passed on to us?

I am asking this because recently Zerodha delivered ‘Take It or leave It’ kind of treatment to around 1% of their Old Active Customers to Transfer their DP from ILFS to Zerodha within 2 months or they will delink our DP accounts from Trading Account. Now that doesn’t feel nice, especially when you are the first few to opt for new platforms.

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Hey thanks a lot for this. Changing it :slight_smile:

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We don’t have the one year 30%. We did a six month 20% in the end instead of 1 year 30%

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Hey @PS7 -
This is an extremely tough question.

Since this is the first time I am facing this question, I need to think before I answer this

The only thing I can assure you is that we will never short change our first users, or treat our first users unfairly. Here are some pointers

  1. You will never see that someone else got a steeper discount than you did
  2. We will run free trials when some new feature is launched for 7 days, in this case we will add +7 days free to every paid users subscription. For example, we are extending the pro till Monday, September 3rd. We have added +3 days to every paid user for that
  3. Here is what we did for example, 2 hours back
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can we get external payment link apart from zerodha for service charges

@Sensibull subscribed, now please send us receipt so that we can set it off as a cost.


We are working on it. You will see it by next week

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Thanks for choosing us! Will send the receipts by Monday EOD

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Haven’t received receipts yet.

Hello @PS7

We will do this . A bunch of other things came up which required immediate attention. These were bugs which could potentially affect the calculated numbers for users in other time zones outside India.

I understand that that is no reason why your receipt should be delayed. This invoice page where you can see your receipt is in our things to do. If it is alright with you could you please give us time till Monday? Sorry about the delay again. Thanks for reminding

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when historical fii data will be available?


Thanks for the question. Thursday, that is day after tomorrow is when we have scheduled it

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can we get max pain calculator in sensibull?