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No option for trading and Managing strangles and straddles

There should be an option called “between” in the estimated expiry selection

Hey @Nandha207,
We have the multi leg strategies running in the code. Just need to put UI on it, which we are slowly adding.

In a week or two you will see call spread put spread straddle strangle butterfly and iron Condor.

Let me know if you have any more feature requests. Thanks again for the comment


@Abid_Hassan can you widen the columns of the event calender, please.

Will do. Thanks for the feedback, @Aditya_Bhat

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Will there be a facility to execute basket orders for a multi leg strategy ? Presently for exit orders only you have it…

very good initiative, need of the hour:grinning:

Is Sensibull free or will there be any charges if used? Please reply.

Here is tough question for you.How can we trust that you will not sell our data to fin institution or use against us.

Hi @Kumarbs
The answer to that is a yes. We will do that

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Thanks @Sujay1803

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Hi @Harish_Makhijani
Free for at least three months.

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Hi @RA1682
Multiple reasons.

  1. you have our word. We won’t ever. We started this to make retail investors stop their losses. Not to exploit them.
  2. it is the wrong thing to do. And we don’t do wrong things.
  3. none of us have an active interest in going to jail. We are not some financial industry rich Nexus, but a small start up made by working class people like everyone else here
  4. there are enough regulations in this country to prevent this stuff from happening. Despite that if these things happen, it comes from really big billion dollar cabals. Tiny companies like us to not have the means to game the system.

Here are some of the latest additions:

  1. Now you can trade from the Black Scholes Calculator and from the IV chain . Which means now there is a place where you can trade from the Mobile device! This was a feature a lot of our users wanted.

  2. There is a global alert message system now. For example the global message now warns you of the potential volatility post Karnataka. This will let our team of option traders constantly monitor the market and give you insights real-time.

  3. A large number of User Experience improvements are live now, mostly in the usability and looks territory.

Please do give it a spin, and let us know what you think!

PS: We had nearly 2500 logins, 500 Subscribers on our Options Education Channel on Youtube, 170+ Followers or our blog on Medium, and 1000 Twitter Followers . Thanks for the love guys!


what will be charges after 3months?

Hey @rj9500

We are figuring that number out. We will come back to you soon on that!

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Hi - I am looking for risk / reward chart for an option trade. do you have adding this feature in the near future?

Could you tell me what you mean by risk/reward chart please?

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@Sensibull seriously we have to pay? there are us brokers where almost all the brokers are discount brokers and provide top notch services to their users that to free of cost and then there is indian brokers :frowning:

@Sensibull he means to ask for a graphical representation of credit/debit strategy wherin you can visually see the breakeven, max profit/loss points. :expressionless:

Thanks for explaining that @Aditya_Bhat
@babugowda - This is what you mean, I presume?

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