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Hmmm, why don’t you trade in the US?

We should be grateful that such a product is at least available to retail traders after so many years. If you are making money out of it, why not pay for it?


Hi @Aditya_Bhat

I appreciate the feedback. We will try to keep some parts of the platform free, and we will give a 3 month free trial so that people have a choice to opt in only if they find it useful.

However, I would like to correct some misconceptions about discount broking in the United States. I used to be with a quant/ HFT/ RIA firm in the US in my previous job, and we used to have client accounts with practically every big broker in the United States.

Stock trading, as you pointed out is free in the US, and of late in the UK and EU. Options trading, however, is not.

Most brokers charge fairly high for option trading, as high as 7 US Dollars a trade. Fidelity, Ameritrade, Schwab, you name it they are all above the 5 USD mark. The median is somewhere in the 5 USD mark. The only noteable exception to this is Interactive Brokers, who charged half a cent per share but they have a 10,000 USD minimum.

You can see all the major brokers’ charges here.

Not countering or being hostile. But I think Zerodha, and a lot of Indian discount brokers deserve credit where it is due for keeping charges low. And I think it is unfair that we tell the users in this ecosystem that US is cheap and Indian brokers are charging them too high, which is simply not true.

Thanks again for your honest opinion.


@Sensibull are you going to have paper trading feature?


We would love to. Enough requests on that. Adding that to the queue. Thanks @AARB for the suggestion


You are spot on Aditya… thank you for pitching in…


Hey @babugowda

This is in the queue. You can already see the max loss making profit and breakeven for single leg options on the platform. But that’s very simple and trivial.

Soon you will see graphical representation of pay off diagrams of single leg options and option strategies.

Thanks for the feedback! This will push us to do this faster


@Sensibull Well I guess I had a wrong opinion on this. Thanks for letting me know, appreciate it!!


No worries mate. Thanks for asking that question. I’m sure a lot of others had that thought as well. Hopefully those others see this answer as well.


Hi @Sensibull

I was wondering why most of the time say (95%) the trades suggested are to sell the options of bank nifty expiry.

There is hardly any trade to buy the CE or PE of banknifty.
Why is it so ?
Please explain.


Hey @hotpot64

Good observation and thanks for asking! I am sure many others share your opinion

This is because it makes more sense to sell options than buy options most of the time!

Here are the thumb rules:
Buying options works only if you are looking at a very big move within a very short time, say 1-3 days.
Selling options works only if you are looking at a small to medium move within a medium to long timeframe

If you are looking at a horizon if a week or so for a move to happen, the options you buy will lose time value, which makes buying options a bad idea. On the other hand, if you sell options, this time value loss will make you profits because the options you sold will decrease in price. So most of the time your market view is for a small move, or spans more than a few days, your best trade will be a sell option trade.

Here are some posts on this topic:

Here is a video:

Hope this helps!


Is it going to stay free? Or some short of monthly charges will apply after some point of time(After Beta Testing is over)??


Why analysis not available for Currency (CDS market). Please add the same.



Hello @Sankha
Some parts of the platform will be free. The others will have a monthly subscription


Soon @Gautam


Nice explanation on why selling option is good.


Thank you Ankur


Hello, is there anyone here with Futures and Options Positions on multiple stocks? Please mail me at abid at sensibull. Ping on this thread please!


When are you going to launch multileg option strategy?


Hey @Sujay1803,

Sorry to keep you waiting for so long.

Our answer is - this week, if nothing goes wrong. Please shoot me a mail to abid[@] so that I can make sure you are the first to know, personally.

By the way you can track your strategies from your positions now. Just launched it yesterday.
Try out: