Sensibull understanding

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In sensibull, I see volume as 0.009 , 0.085 . How can the volume be in fraction?

can you post screenshot?

Please find the circled value

The volume is not in fractions, 0.38 means volume is around 38,000. You can check the market depth on Sensibull for the same contract, it shows volume as 37,700.

This is rounded off to 0.38 on option chain.


Spot at 391145.
Why ATM is shown as 39400? @ShubhS9

Cos it takes futures price for ATM ref

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How to read this data?
Should we read this from buyers or sellers perspective @Sensibull


@ShubhS9 @siva

Thinking from the sellers perspective.

call contracts is less compared to put contracts from 26 NOV to DEC 10th which means sellers think market is bullish. I see this graph when the market is down, why?

Market closed at 17000 levels on 26th and now it is @17500. Check out the black line engulfed on the bar chart, it represents NIFTY.

Also OI is mostly considered from option seller’s perspective. To buy a call option worth 5rs in NIFTY , you just need 250Rs whereas the seller is paying 1 Lakh margin for the same trade in opposite side. There will be abundant number of buyers but OI is mainly considered to be created by sellers because of whom the trade is completed and OI is created.

Black line indicates nifty at 14500 on 6th december how is it possible?

nope thats FUT OI .
There is no indication for where exactly nifty is in that particular graph , it just shows relatively that how nifty has moved within that many days.

Blue line indicates future oi and black line indicates nifty right ? @Prayag