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Sentinal is a wonderful software congratulations. Can you do 2 things to it?

  1. Reduce its yearly cost
  2. Make a scanner type like if a stock price goes above a eg 20 day or 50 day moving average it triggers alert. Can you add such a thing in kite or sentinal? It would be much helpful to traders and investors alike.

Thank you


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Considering what you can do with Sentinel, you are getting a really good deal.:slight_smile: It’s one a kind platform in terms of flexibility you have with creating triggers. As always, we are also hard at work to offer much more.

You should check out

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Streak. Algo does not provide scanner so it’s needed as NSE has around 1500 scripts BSE has 4000 scripts. It’s necessary because physically scanning all scripts is nearly impossible. @nithin @NithinKamath can you create scanner in kite?


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@Streak ? :slight_smile:


Hi All,

We are in the process of building scanners, it is in the product roadmap of Streak 2.0.
Streak 2.0 is scheduled to be released in Oct -Nov 2018.


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thank you


sentinal trigger is not so much useful as the trigger alert is not received through sms. hence not able to react on time. ready to pay extra if trigger received on mobile through sms.

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i want to create hourly based volumetraded trigger is it possible?


@Streak Some suggestions for the scanner as it’s really required in India-

  1. Live Scanning based on different timescales like 5, 15, 30 minutes, 1, 4 hours & daily, weekly.
  2. Filtering based on exchange & average volume. Also if we could filter only those stocks which have had a particular volume. For example if i’m on the 15 minute timeframe & I only want to see those stocks which have traded atleast 20k in volume in the last 15 minutes (not the whole day, just the last 15 minute). Simultaneously if we could also see the total trading volume for the day for the same stock
  3. sorting the stocks by real time change % & other filters.

These features would really help. I would be grateful if they could be implemented


Hi @AtifHussain ,

Thanks for the feedback, we will surely take in account all of these requirements and features for the upcoming releases. We are in the process of adding scanners, it is in the product roadmap of Streak 2.0. Streak 2.0 is scheduled to be released in Oct - Nov 2018.

Also just to clarify, Streak is an algo trading platform, not a scanner. A scanner just passively finds stocks based on filter, where as an algo trading platform other than providing detailed backtests, actively tracks the scrips based on the strategy and generates entry and exit signals so as to able to perform focused and disciplined trading.

Keep the feedback and suggestions flowing.


Hi @Eyal_Arasan ,

You can use candle volume, OBV, opening range volumes and other volume based indicators by using Streak.



@nithin please provide us with a full fledged stock scanner. Please look at my suggestions below as to what it should have. There’s really an important need for stock screener in india both for intraday & delivery. It would be great if you could partner with similar startup like streak, sensibull, sentinel, etc. for creating a screener


Hi @AtifHussain

As mentioned in the previous reply, we are in the process of building a comprehensive market scanner, it is in the product roadmap of Streak 2.0. Streak 2.0 is scheduled to be released in Oct - Nov 2018.

We appreciate your patience.


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oh ok then it’s fine. I misunderstood your reply


The real question is “Are the scanners going to be a paid feature?”


Yes they will be paid via backtest.


Paid via backtest? What does that mean?


It means, like how you have backtests remaining counts, same way you will have scans count, which can be translated to some equivalent backtests number.


So we’d have to pay more to get more scans. That hardly sounds fair considering scans are FREE in Pi. By not optimizing Pi anymore and pushing users to alternative solutions such as Kite, Streak, etc, you’re basically implying that Pi is obsolete and newer alternatives are what users should use. But it’s absolutely unfair to charge users for a feature that was always free.


@TheStartupGuy ,

We completely understand your point of view. As you can understand, pi and other similar software run on your system, consuming your resources(CPU, electricity, net, etc), when a service is being provided over internet and to a lot of people, these resource cost add up and become very significant, hence to be able to provide reliable service charges and limits are put in place. In addition it has add advantage to user of multi platform on the go accessibility, regular, fast and consistent features updates, and many more. Hope this provides you with a clearer picture.