Sentinel and Kite integration - Feature Request



I have been using sentinel for past few weeks. It is really good. I have few suggestion to improve it. As an intraday trader I found sentinel is not much user friendlier. I have to create lots of alerts and every time it redirects me to Sentinel platform. Instead if you integrate sentinel into Kite that would be really great. Particularly like in tradingview. They allow to create alerts by clicking price in the chart. Sentinel has more value only when we able to use it inside kite.


Totally agreed. That way kite will be more powerful and integrated. And a trader can set quick alerts which will be hassle free

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I can’t disagree with this anymore :slight_smile:

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Yes very much needed current Sentinel UI has horrible design every alert you have to select LTP then stock name then less than greater than. Its like a form on Goverment website to slow you down.

Once alert is created all fields are reset can’t even change stock name and reuse options. Its far from what trading view can offer.