Sentinel direct orders (instead of alerts)


Hi @nithin and @siva

Good Morning - Firstly, Sentinel has been doing a good job in sending alerts but please understand traders’ pulse that it would be significantly helpful if we can directly send orders to kite instead of alerts.

This will help us automate our stop losses to a great extent and I know safeguarding traders’ capital is surely your motive as well :slight_smile:

Please think over this again.

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We are coming out something similar very soon.

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That’s really a great news @siva It would be very helpful for traders :slight_smile:

Thanks again


@siva Any update on this? Or, at least tentative timelines?


Couple of weeks, max.


Excellent, thanks :slight_smile:



Hi siva, any update on this as 2 weeks time is over and we are eagerly waiting :slight_smile: ?


Yes, will release GTT in a day or two in beta.

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@siva can you please let me know where to check this option?


On friday.