Sentinel issue advanced triggers


these guys are not fixing the issue…

anyone here facing the same problem as me??

i have purchased sentinel pro for 1 year and am trying to create advanced triggers like this one

TotalBuyQuantity(‘NSE:NATIONALUM’) > 30000

you can clearly see that buy quantity is more than 30000 still i am not getting the error message as trigger condition already met!! the picture of market depth is as of 5.05 pm 14.3.19



i had contacted support on 21.3.19. it is almost a month since this problem is not solved.

i doubt if they even have a dedicated staff for sentinel tech support…


How is this an issue? You are trying to create an alert for a condition that is already met.


I am not some newbie. Have been using Sentinel since its launch. I too know that it is already met.

I wrote that I am not getting " Trigger Condition Already Met" error which should happen everytime as condition is already met INSTEAD it creates the alert and will wait for it to trigger which should not happen in the first place.

Am not using Sentinel Advanced triggers for the first time.

Is there any way you can reset my account(I don’t mind if you delete all the saved triggers)


still waiting for your response!


So not getting the error message , seems to be the problem . Am I right ?


also the triggers are not getting executed whose conditions have met!!

tired of explaining the same problem :frowning:


This is a classic case of any customer service “pretending to listen but trying not to be understand” because there is no solution they can offer. But at the same time they do not want to piss you off by saying no, since you are a paid client.

Life experience should have taught you the outcome of such a drama by now.

Unfortunately, Your specific requirement will not be possible to execute on the Sentinel platform.


I thought you are from the sentinel support team. Sorry

Except for price notifications I am not getting any advanced trigger alert notifications neither on email nor kite web…

Stuck with these people


Checking this. Can you give me another example of a trigger where this is happening?

unlisted #13

check this one out…

just created a trigger for icicibank buy quantity more than 6.7 lacs

the condition is already met but it STILL created the alert…

I did not get trigger condition already met error

the issue is whenever the condition is fulfilled I don’t get notifications and sometimes when the condition is already met the error does not appear…

price alerts work fine but advanced ones don"t19


Can you paste the exact trigger you have created here, please?


TotalBuyQuantity(‘NSE:ICICIBANK’) > 670000


Any solution for this, Bhuvanesh?


Please resolve this… almost a month since I am not getting notification alerts… exhausted really!!


There was an issue on our end and this will be fixed today post markets. Thanks for pointing this out.


Wow…Thank You Bhuvanesh… FInally I hope my problem will be resolved


We’ve rolled out a fix. Can you check now.


done… working as of now… let me check again tomorrow during mkt hours… cheers