Sentinelhow many alerts can we place ? if it is limited what is the process to get unliited alerts

I would like to know if there are any limits on the NUMBER OF ALERTS I can create? Can i have 10,000 alerts in my ACCOUNT?

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Maximum of 200 “Active Triggers” at anyone time on the PRO Version. You can do generate unlimited alerts on the same trigger by re-activating the triggers manually after they have been set off.

Thanks @portfolioplus911

@Swapnilbiz , we host these alerts on AWS. We allow alerts which can include multiple scrips. So each alert is like an algo subscribing every second to the underlying scrips. This requires computational power, and since we host it, it comes at a cost also.

I don’t think we can allow 10,000 unique alerts at the same time for one client currently. :slight_smile: Maybe the 200 can go up over time.

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when will ALERTS be made available through SMS?

No plans to send this over SMS, we will soon start through push notifications on your mobile app.

Thanks Nithin for clearing the air on SMS front. Please see to it that SMS notification is at least there in the roadmap. Many a times email alert might not be read or data connectivity issue.