Setting Target price

Can I set a target price, where the stocks get automatically sold if it touches a specific price?

Yes, you can set both Target as well as Stoploss using GTT OCO (One Cancels Other) order. You can check out more details here:

I recently bought JSW Energy through Zerodha CNC, but they have been showing in positions page on the purchase day, and in holding on the next day.
So can I sell even if it shows in Positions page?

All shares on the day you buy using CNC product type (for delivery) show up on the positions tab and will show up under the Holdings tab from T+1 (trade day +1) day. This feature is enabled to allow traders to make intraday trades using the stocks they bought and help track their intraday P&L.

Yes, you can. This will be considered as intraday trade.

Can we set target price when shown in positions?
And can we change it whenever we want?

Yes, if you’re buying in CNC you can use GTT to place Target as well as Stoploss on same day and can also change the price whenever you want from the GTT tab in the order window.


Can we sell stocks during T+1 or T+2 days?
Ex: I have bought a stock at 100 and set a target price of 105, and it reaches 105 during the T+1 day, will it be sold?

Yes, the stock can be sold on T+1 and T+2 day if it isn’t in the T2T (Trade-to-Trade) segment, stocks in this segment can only be sold after T+2 day, after they are credited to the demat account. You can learn more here.

Which all stocks are T2T?