Setting up auto buy from multiple ticker names of SGB

I would like to buy SGB from secondary market than primary market for two reasons

  1. Usually they comes with lower locking period
  2. Due to the demand mismatch, it usually comes at a lower price than the current market price

I am following 6-8 ticker names of SGB which I am willing to buy it. But due to low trade volume and uncertainty of sellers I cannot watch it the whole time

I am looking to setup a similar to GTT with specific price across 6-8 ticker names. This will enable to buy at the required price whenever it is available in the next month time frame.

Any idea on automatically placing order when any one of the 6-8 tickers comes under the price and available for buy.

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GTT can serve your purpose, once you place GTT it remains valid for period of one year, in this period whenever your price is triggered, an order will be placed on the exchange, if there are sellers at your price your order will get filled.

I have setup a watchlist in ICICIDirect’s EMarketWatch with all the 84 (42 each in NSE/BSE) units available… and keep a sort on the offer price to get the cheapest unit; but you are right… it still takes few seconds to check…

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The problem with GTT is that it will expect that atleast one trade happens at your target price… While our requirement is to find a seller at that price. By the time trade happens at our ideal price, it might be too late and no sellers might be left at that price…

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