SGb Interest not received

I have bought SGBJUN29B on 12th Nov 2021. I was supposed to receive the interest on 1st Dec but haven’t received it yet. I checked the statement of my account that is connected to kite. Who should I contact for the same?

Same problem here as well. I recently added IDFC as my primary acc. N made that a 3/1 acc. Didn’t receive this interest

Now that it’s brought up here I think even I haven’t received interest.

I think the process is this

  1. First contact the entity from where the sgb was bought - banks, post office, stock exchange etc.

  2. If issue is not resolved write to [email protected]

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how to know on which date we will receive interest on our SGB.
I have SGBSEP28 and SGBAUG29

I refer to this website (SGB Interest Payment Dates), but you can check the offical RBI website also.

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@siva Can you please help me with this issue, or guide me to someone who can!

Thanks for the link,
But they didn’t update since August

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The dates on which you will recieve interest are generally the date of issue and 6 months from that date. Ex: SGBJUNII29 was issued on 9th June so you should receive interest on 9th Dec and 9th June

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The NSE codes and the BSE codes for SGBs are different. For Ex: 21-22 series 4 NSE code is SGBJUL29IV whereas BSE code is SGBJUN29B, so I got confused between the due date. My due date is 20th Jan.

Its very strange that interest on sgb not received by many.

There cannot be any default risk as the issue is from the sovereign. I am sure the issuer of sgb would have transferred the interest but then where did this disappear.

Very strange and all should be concerned.

Maybe zerodha can help

The issue date for this tranche was July 20. Interest will be paid 6 months from this date, ie. January 20 and second in July… More details here.

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Yaa I got confused as the NSE coded and BSE codes are different, and I think recently zerodha has started showing BSE codes instead of NSE codes in the console. Is there a way I can change that to NSE codes to not create future confusions, as I think most of us use NSE codes while buying