SGB, Minor, Interest and Tax

SGB can be bought in name of Minor by guardian.

  1. Who gets the 2.5% interest? Minor needs bank account for interst credit?
  2. What about tax payment on top of this 2.5% interest earned by Minor?
  3. What if minor turns major? who owns the bonds?
  1. Minors can open an account with a Bank but it will be operated by the guardian.
  2. While opening the account, the guardian PAN Card will be sought and any income that is so generated will be reported under the submitted PAN.
  3. When a minor becomes a major, all existing transactions, standing instructions, systematic transactions etc. will be suspended. The folio will be frozen for operation by the guardian from the date of minor attaining majority. A revised form needs to be sent where the erstwhile minor will be signing as a major henceforth.

Discl: The above is based on my know-how, please do seek expert advice or from any Banker, you have an account with.