Share buy back process in zerodha

Does Zerodha support the process of selling shares via buyback of company ?
In ICICI Direct, we need to simply give an online order like we give for IPO, post the buyback process the money is credited on T+2 day.

Thanks in advance.

If you plan to participate in a buyback, you need to send us the scanned copy of the “Tender Form” (email:[email protected]) you would have received in your email from the Companys Registrar & Transfer Agent.
This is how the form looks like.

If your tender is successful the fund’s will be directly credited to your bank account.

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Thanks for the response. Appreciate your help.

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To which email ID we should send scanned copy of tender form?

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You can send it to [email protected].

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Hi, would like to participate in the HCL buyback offer. I have received the Tender form which i will be filling up. the question is to whom i have to send the Tender form. is it to the registrar? and a scanned copy to you?

Yes, duly filled scanned copy of the form is enough.