Share buyback by company

how do i sell stocks in buyback from zerodha account? shall i send a mail to zerodha regarding this?

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Yes, email [email protected] along with the soft copy of the buy back tender form which would mention the number of shares you are entitled to.


thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

I want to participate in the Novartis buyback, for which tomorrow is last date. The tender form is with me, can I sign this and scan and email to [email protected] ?

For Infosys and Wipro buyback, I could go to the Q site and I could see option there, which is not visible for Novartis. Why?

You can email us the scan copy of the tender form by mentioning the qty you would like to offer for this buyback and send it to [email protected] . Also please note there will be charges applicable for this order placed Rs.20+GST