Share buyback eligibility

What is the eligibility criteria for a shareholders shares to qualify for a buyback?
I’ve heard they send a tender form on the registered email ids. Do all the share holders get that form?

I’m asking this with reference to INFY share buyback coming up.

You are eligible for the buyback if you hold Infosys shares before the record date. If you are you’ll receive a tender form to participate in the buyback.
If you have not received the tender form and you are sure that you are eligible because you held the stock as on record date, you could download a tender form online, fill the details and email us the copy to participate in buyback offer.

Check this link below to know more about the Infosys buyback:


What is the record date?

When can I expect to receive the form in mail?

The record date for the buyback has not yet been announced

I have sold infosys shares after buyback date. Am I eligible for buyback if I purchase shares from market and tender during window?

Your buyback eligibility is decided by whether you had shares in your Demat on record date or not. Since you had it in Demat you have already earned eligibility. But before you tender, you have to ensure the shares are in your Demat and you have to tender before the buyback window closes.

14 Dec is when the buyback window closes. So shares have to be in Demat before 14 Dec. So buy it back on Friday or Monday as it takes 2 days to reach Demat.