Share Transfer by DIS

I recently opened an account with Zerodha. I would like to transfer my existing shares with another broker via DIS.
i would like to know if i transfer those to Zerodha, all details including my original buy price will be displayed in KITE.

Please advise.

If you opt for transfer cum closure of Demat account with your other broker, then DIS charges don’t apply. No DIS slip required, provide hard copy of Zerodha Demat CMR to your other broker and they will initiate transfer cum closure. This process should typically take 2-4 working days.

If you opt for just transfer, then DIS slip required and DIS charges applicable as per the other broker’s tariff sheet. You only require to provide your Zerodha Demat details to the other broker.

This is what a typical DIS slip looks like. Steps to fill also mentioned.

With regards to updating buy price and buy date, you will have to do this manually in Q Holdings once your transferred shares reflect there under Add/Edit discrepant quantity. Steps mentioned here