Unable to add price for discrepant holdings in Q

Hi guys, @Bhuvan has nicely explained the steps to “Add/edit discrepant quantities” in Q. I have some discrepant quantities in my holdings for which I am trying to add the correct buying price.

In the holdings section, Q is showing that I have some discrepant quantities for a scrip. But whenever I click on the “Add/edit discrepant quantities” option or directly click on the discrepant quantities corresponding to the scrip, I am getting the following page,

Now you can clearly see Q is not allowing me to enter the average price or buy date. What’s wrong going with this?

Also it would be nice if someone can explicate what is post discrepant trades.

Thank you.

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To add the discrepant values for any transferred/IPO, etc. stocks, once you go to Add/edit discrepant quantities, you need to enter the discrepant values in Post Discrepant Trades box (shown in red box in the below image), but make sure you enter all the details correctly like SYMBOL, QUANTITY, RATE, DATE, AND ISIN, as presently it cannot be modified/edited. After entering the discrepant values, click on Add button and immediately all the details will be shown up in the Discrepant holdings just above the Post Discrepant Trades and will in-turn get synced in the Holdings page in Q within 24 hours.

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Thanks mate. My bad, I was confused between discrepant holdings and post discrepant trades. By the way how to mark this query as solved?

Always welcome, as of now there is no such option to mark a query as solved, but your reply will consider it as solved.

I don’t see any option to add brokerage cost. do we need to include the brokerage cost in the share price.

No, you don’t require to include the brokerage cost while entering the share price in discrepant values in Q. The brokerage is a fee charged by the broker to execute your trades. It will not be accounted for in the share price.

Also, the option to add share prices is for shares transferred from another Demat, for IPO shares or for shares received via a bonus after a corporate action. The broker will not be aware of the prices at which these shares were purchased and hence, the client will have to enter it himself.

thanks. If we are not adding brokerage then how gains are calculates in p/l tax statement

Hi, I have got credited the demerger shares in my demat account (CDSL) and the same i have added in Q-back office under post discrepant trades. And also it is showing in Discrepant holdings. But it is not reflecting in Kite.
Please clarify

Hi @haripg, same thing happened to me earlier for a particular scrip. I added them manually in Q, but some how Kite did not recognise the addition. After roughly two weeks, I added them again and it worked.

So in the Discrepant Holdings section now I have same entries for that scrip twice but Kite recognised it once.

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Its been 1 week now after i add…still not showing in Kite…:frowning:

you may consider adding them again. it worked for me.

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Already added 2 times after your suggestion :slight_smile: but still not showing

Oh! sorry mate.