Share your method of intraday trading

Nobody can! I dont make predictions. I trade on realtime inputs. And I never said technical analysis is not required. It is useful but has made things more complicated than easing out. People are confused all the time. Every technical expert will say different views on chart patterns & price predictions.

I dont take trading positions if some indicator is suggesting. I don’t even read candle sticks, waiting for 3rd candle! Red or green! Doji star, hammer head. Omg hahah. Enough.

Regarding RSI, & similar parameters, its a never ending debate , if prices follow chart patterns or chart patterns follow prices.

Which one follows other? Nobody can tell foolproof with authority.

But yes Technical Analysis is useful, it is required. Its interesting & useful. But I see people diving real deep in the middle of it getting them nowhere.

Today one person bought bank nifty call of some strike price in first half at 100 rs telling me he did detailed analysis studying Bollinger bands, RSI & applying other indicators it was a sure buy.

I told him without a second thought WTH u did???
He made a loss of 20 rs per lot as bank nifty call premium declined to rs 60 levels & later after a volatile session did gave him an opportunity to cut down his losses.

The person accepted his fault of getting into wrong trade.


I am satisfied…
and sorry for doubting you.
But what you said about is “experience”.
TA never lie however complicated it is.
It is our own prejudices and view points which lie.
I have been using just hammer pattern, Pivot point and 3-5 EMA crossover in 15 min chart.
No stop loss. Take position or exit only at the open of next candle.
Strategy gave me nearly 85% success rate!


Good luck! Yes technical analysis is interesting & it has a lot of importance. I do accept this fact & I myself do technical analysis but to a limited extent before entering into trade.
Take care!

Watching market 1000 o’clock and bank NIFTY movement is effect in NIFTY , or 1 rupees profit treading