Share your method of intraday trading

Intraday trading is not a child’s play. It requires alot of hardwork, patience, skills, knowledge, intelligence, practical approach , luck element & more.

It will be great if you can share your trading style, method, strategies which you apply while entering into a trade. Do you blindly follow technical chart candle sticks patterns while trading?
I believe practical trading on a realtime is much more than theoretical technical analysis.

It will be great if we all can share our experience & we all can learn from each other. As I believe learning is a never ending experience!



Let’s start with you then :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hour Trend up.
Enter in the 5 min heiken Ashi candle.
Presently Exiting @ 0.25 % to 0.50% of the stock price.
Exactly opposite for short.
It rewards me a reasonable profit.

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Well I dont have any fix method or strategy. I am not obsessed with charts & associated parameters.
I enter into a trade mostly considering momentum, volatility, volume & an overall view of market condition. Timely entry n exit matters alot for making better gains.
I feel the pulse of the movement of stock price(s).
Lots of things happen in my brain on a realtime basis. I feel technical analysis is too much of an information overload. You just cant keep viewing everything from a Technical Analysis point of view.

Technical Analysis fails many times, but your experience counts alot. Knowledge has its own boundaries. Practical experience is a different thing.


In short … you can’t really contribute anything of worth to your own initiative…!!!
Shorter still…you can’t help other traders as you are a pro

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Well , its upon a person as to how much he’s worth of grasping any useful thought even out of nothing!!

Everything is already freely available all over internet you can learn from there. The purpose of this thread is not to teach you but share.
Honestly speaking if I m not using any fixed strategy & still being able to make consistent gains then I would consider it decent performance.

Technical analysts sitting on TV, big names fail everyday. They keep blabbering all the time & have least idea on how to trade. Merely passing theoretical certifications exams & getting registered with SEBI & exchange doesn’t makes one a technical analyst.


I also don’t watch TV, but I read the latest financial news on which stock I want to trade the next day. I cannot or probably will never understand how technical analysis work :smile: I use my first instinct and as the saying goes, use your instinct.

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BTW, I dont really have any strategy to share!! :smile:
That’s why I am asking everyone to share. So that I can also learn. I believe life is is a continuous learning process. One must be always open & willing to learn from everyone. Anything useful must be appreciated.

I agree. I too do NOT follow technical analysis. I just buy when I feel the prices will go up. If I feel the prices are likely to go down, I sell first and cover later.
Just like yours, my strategy too works sometimes and fails sometimes.
Hope you found my strategy useful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue:

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Good to see that you follow some strategy. But I dont have a strategy to follow!

What’s your success ratio. Profits vs Loss

That was a sarcastic post. If someone has found a strategy/method that works and is consistently profitable, why the hell would he share it with the entire world!


Hahah I know you were being sarcastic! My response to your comment tells it. You know what, endless strategies, articles, videos, books are available on this.

Its not that why would anyone share his her strategy which works all the time.

Its that , any such fall proof strategy doesn’t exists in real.

If strategies dont work all the time then why rely on them so heavily. Why make things complicated?

There’s no end to learning & life maybe a continuous learning process. But the secret of ages is that real learning is “unlearning” .

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@Spaceship, have you gone through this thread, a ton of trading strategies posted and a lot of effective ones too.


Thanks Mr Srinivas. I will surely do that. Blessed to have you on zerodha forums. Always helping everyone.

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I completely agree with what you say…
But here is my opinion…
Let me tell you one story about Mahatma Gandhi.
Once Mahatma was visiting some spiritual personality.
As Gandhi was sitting there a layman asked “Baba” one question.
“Kidhar se aaye ho?” "Where are you coming from?"
And Baba started replying like "Atma never comes or goes, I am not what I am, I am he who is beyond space, I am everywhere, so I have not come from anywhere and nowhere I will go… "
Mahatma smiled and left the place.
he later said,“There is no reason to complicate a simple question as , where have you come from with all tha non sense. Baba should have simple given the name of his place from where he had come”


Open challenge to all “intuitions traders” fakers.
Almost all of these Pro guys swear that they don’t use TA…
Actually they conveniently forget that Candle stick IS a TA at its best aka Price Action.
You use Pivot or any other S-Rs…still you are using TAs
So my open challenge is take trade just by watching ticker CMP in market watch…no chart, no market depth nothing.


A baba who is a renounce would obviously speak from a spiritual person’s perspective & it may sound like a nonsense to famous personalities of the world or best of brains but… afterall a materialistic mindset cannot compete with a spiritual leader. Worlds best brains cannot encompass or comprehend the reality. Wordly materialistic science has boundaries & that is where the science of spirituality begins.

Afterall, we are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience right now. And anything which is beyond the intellect of wordly man may seem to be a nonsense!! But for an advanced soul, definitely this world seems to be a drama play, in short a nonsense!

I am not intuitive trader. I am as real as you or anyone. I am not faking out. Till date I traded without studying chart patterns. Yes only by watching market watch.

I dont deny or reject technical analysis. Its useful but has its boundaries. I watch volume, prices, volatility, OHLC, I too follow technical analysis but to limited extent.

Sir can yo tell me sir where this price will go?
Stock price: DGPK CMP 167.41 +0.72 (+0.43%)