Share your mutual funds / debt funds

Hey guys , in which mutual / debt funds have you invested right now . Which do you thin will give good CAGR in 10 years

Have one large cap (MA Large cap, Axis Blue chip),
One multicap ( MA Emerging Bluechip, Kotak Standard Multicap , Motilal 35)
One midcap ( Axis Midcap, Invesco Midcap)
And one small cap( SBI Small cap, Reliance small cap)

Review it in 2-3 year.

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For debt fund 10 % every year Franklin india ultra short term fund 5*

These all good fund to hold
Axis midacap
Sbi banking and financial service fund - because this one is main sector for the economy
MA- emerging bluechip
MA- large cap


Do you guys choose dividend or growth ? which is better.

no dividended only growth then only we can do CAGR returns

@Riyas_Ahamed @nikhil27 Would you not recommend any index funds or etfs?

As for SBI banking fund - for how long will banking remain such an important sector for India. Definitely 5 years, but what about 10-15 years from now - and since horizon for these is 10-15+ years it’s a tough call (importance with respect to how this sectoral fund acts, banking will always be an important sector in India).

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i will always investing in NIFTYBEES and BANKBEES ETF the performance will always stable , long term banking and consumption sector will be perfom better , i like insurance , AMC, Banks . I preffer niftybees and bankbees ETF

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only one Axis ELSS fund

only mutual fund i invested is adiya birla liquid fund ( as this is can be used as cash equivalent for pledging)

but liquid fund which used to give more than 7 % in giving daily return of 0.01 % tht is 3.64 % year so planning to park my fund somewhere else

But it is compounding.

yes its compounding by half :slightly_smiling_face:but no idea whats going on

It has exposure to Voda-Idea papers.


So what?

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see the inside holding - there are 126 securities is there maximum 3% in top paper in low quality its only .5% so no need to woory about these papers they can manage better portfolio franklin is NO 1 in debt fund

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bankbees etf vs sbi banking and finance - you would stick with banknees? I’m just trying to understand - I know sbi one is not passive so there can be human error, but Sohini Andani has a decent track record in this so far and sbi bluechip (maybe not as some other mfs).

Bankbees would remove any worry over human problems, but also means there is no downside protection if/when the sector suffers. But the investment into bank bees is also higher requirement.

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in any mutual fund there is no downside protection but you can manage the down side protection how let i explain

is SBI banking fund is performing good its highly depend upon fund manager , if fund manger views go wrong the fund will under perform, in bankbees 10years + return is amazing 19% you dont want to worry if market went down bankbees will recover will fast in any gap down you can buy immediately in downside on market hours . but its not possible in mutual fund , then you can sell 1200 point away sell call against your small holding in bank bees on weekely basic you can earn some amount every week what i am doing now this facility only availabe in nifty and bank niftybees only


How much u earn in last expiry ,pardon me for asking I am following you and u didn’t post last week

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ya last week 36,000 i made .i am not in my working place so i cannot copy ,cut and paste , i dont have a computer i traded on mobile only so only i cannot post

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Thanks for explaining it, never thought of it like that. Quick follow-up, so bank bees is good, but then along the same lines motilal nasdaq 100 is also very good - so why the preference for bank bees? Is it simply because banking sector is important for India and is expected to grow.

As for bank bees, so basically one should treat it as a stock then - buy lower, sell higher during market hours in a week if there is significant movement - which means you treat it a little different than mutual funds (since mf you have to keep to appreciate in value and then sell in the future). Or can you treat bank bees like mf and keep accumulating to sell in the future too.

Maybe I misunderstood how you treat bank bees.

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