Share your views on PSAR (0. 02) crossover on BNF or NF 1 hr chart?

Share your views on PSAR (0. 02) crossover on BNF or NF 1 hr chart?

if someone already have backtested or tried above strategy could you please share your views?

PS: I dont have AMBIBROKER.and Pi has only 2 months data.(the above strategy looks good for 2 months)

i have tested psar crossover in nifty  1min  for 120 days and it is giving  results as follows check the below screenshot

PSAR crossover alone won’t give good results even in trending market of 2014 and 2015, I have backtested them all the way from 2007 spot nifty in Amibroker for hourly charts (I myselves use 1 hr charts for trading).

You can use PSAR as an exit strategy but not for getting entries. Also please ensure that you backtest strategy for atleast 3-4 years. I was only backtesting in PI for just 3 months data, I got super results in 3 months backtesting. But when I tested in Amibroker for longer time, it gave horrible results in many years.

What is BNF or NF?

is your question for nifty?

Bank nifty and also Nifty if you have


AlgoGeek why you say its fair result. The net profit in this strategy is 455-392= 63 points.
Number of trades =350
Per round trade you need ~4 points to get breakeven (considering brokerage, STT, stamp duty etc).
Points lost in transaction = 350*4 = -1400
Actual points = 63-1400 = -1337
Loss of more than 1000 points!

ok… corrected., results depends. as per condition.

I was expecting 1 hr chart , but the above picture shows 1 min backtesting?