Sharekhan and PAYTM are in race to start up discount trading platform

Sharekhan to launch separate discount broking firm soon

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sharekhan and paytm and others also in a race to bring discount brokerage platform to bring a tough competion in indian broking industry , sharekhan interview in CNBC sharekhan is working something different from what others are doing , customer can pledge NSE approved any kind of securities to trade in F&O segment , the same platform we will provide to cutomer except advisory not available in upcoming new platform , we will provide the customer to trade as very small monthly are yearly plan for we are working now , very soon

if paytm or shrekhan bring any Monthly or yearly plan i will switch there , because now margin benefit related strategy is not suitable for us to pay for evey leg , its expensive now in zerodha , once upon a time is very cheap , now days are changed, we need a cheap one to makeup the expense in trading


Heard about Groww app also

If some of the active traders move out of zerodha, then technical problems in Zerodha will be automatically solved. Whoever staying with Zerodha might benefit.

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Paytm has NET loss more than its total revenues. I will never put my money with a company in such a bad financial condition.

The thing with Zerodha is its a dedicated technology first asset light and profitable discount brokerage platform. Anyone with any kind of hybrid offering or other business will fail to compete with Zerodha in one of these dimesions, apart from other newbies like Fyers.


this is the new website of sharekhan discount broker arm , now they are BETA testing with some client to get a feed back


Zerodha is a net zero debt company. In the long run that is better and safe for us ordinary traders. PAYTM is not in profit and has huge Chinese investments. NOPE !

Looks likes Sharekhans Expresso has every chance of giving a good competition to Zerodha! And Competition is always good. Only 2 crore people into trading in India out of a Middle class population of 500 million. There is huge potential

People love Zerodha just the way we are proud of Tatas.